FRM220-CH02-RME01 - 19" rack mounting ear kit for FRM220-CH02AC, DC, AA, AD and 02M casings (two slot casings)

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Product description
The FRM220-CH02-RME01 is a metal mounting kit with brackets and screws. Set allows installation of a single FRM220-CH02-AC/DC/AA/AD or DD type casing (all casings with embedded power supply) into a 19" rack. Also the FRM220-CH02M-AC/DC/AA/AD or DD casings can be rack installed with same kit.
The kit is NOT for the smallest FRM220-CH01 casing with individual AC adapter.

Such metal kit allows installation of a two slot casing media converter in a rack where no higher density of converters in needed.
Along with this dual slot casing kit an FRM220-CH01-RME01 kit has been also introduced for all single slot casings with embedded power supply and/or console port.

Additional information on FRM220-CH02-RME01 casing accesory: PDF datasheet

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19" rack mountable
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