OTDR-3600 - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer - includes VFL 10mW, OPM and OLS functions, RJ45 wiring tester, 4" LCD TFT, internal storage memory and USB connectivity

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  • OTDR-3600 - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer - includes VFL 1mW, 3.5" LCD TFT, internal storage memory and USB connectivity
  • OTDR-3600 - front view turned off
  • OTDR-3600 - side connectors
  • OTDR mode ON
  • OTDR-3600 - optical power meter ON
  • OTDR-3600 - top connectors covered
  • OTDR-3600 - top connectors visible
  • OTDR-3600 - remote UTP cabling test unit detached
  • OTDR-3600 - packaging
  • OTDR-3600 - back view
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The OTDR-3600 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is a powerful fiber optic testing multitool that includes an Optical Power Meter (OPM), an Optical Laser Source (OLS), a Visual Fault Locator(VFL), an RJ-45 wiring tester with RJ-45 remote and even a flashlight LED. The OTDR-3600 has a 4" TFT LCD display and features an USB interface that allows 24/7 measuring with a help of a PC. It also has internal memory for storage on measurements that can extend measurement storage for long periods of time.

OTDR-3600 has an black rubber protective case and package includes an USB to PC connectivity cable. The OTDR unit has its own internal (and replaceable) Li-Po rechargeable battery. The OTDR-3600 is a complete tool that allows measuring of active fibers efficiently, being an indispensable tool for any fiber professional user.


  • Built-in OPM/OLS/VFL functions extra to the main OTDR functions
  • 4" color TFT LCD display, touch screen
  • One button test
  • Facile operating interface
  • USB connection for PC data retrieval and battery recharging
  • Handheld portable design with rechargeable LiPo battery

Technical Specifications

Model   OTDR-3600
Wavelength 1310nm/1550nm
Dynamic Range 28/26dB
OTDR Connector  SC/UPC and FC/UPC or customized
Pulse Width 5ns to 10 microseconds
Measuring Time 5 to 180 seconds
Attenuation Dead Zone   6 meters
Event Dead Zone 1 meter
LCD 4" TFT LCD display (touch screen)
OPM Function +26~-50dBm, 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm, 2.5mm UPP
OLS Function same wavelength and connector as the OTDR port
VFL Function 10mW
Storage Internal memory
Data Interface Type C USB interface
Battery 3.7V @ 3700mAh Lithium Polymer battery
Size 160mm * 85mm * 38mm 
Weight 430g
Storage Temperature -20~+70 Celsius, humidity<90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature -10~+50 Celsius, humidity<90% non-condensing 
Warranty 2 years


Additional information on the OTDR-3600 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (includes VFL 10mW): PDF Datasheet


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Warranty Information

2 years Product is guaranteed free of manufacturer defects. If any fault caused by manufacturing process is found, product is replaced under warranty. Faults of manufacturing do not include misuse or normal wear and tear of the product.
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