EDFA-4429A CATV 1550nm EDFA Amplifier, 29dBm (800mW)total power, SNMP managed, 1RU 19" rack mountable

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  • EDFA-4429A CATV 1550nm EDFA Amplifier, 29dBm (800mW)total power, SNMP managed, 1RU 19" rack mountable
  • EDFA-4429 rear view with dual DC48V power supplies
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Product description
The EDFA-4400A (1RU) series is a high power multi-port optical amplifier operating within 1540~1563nm wavelengths. It is mainly designed for CATV applications, offering a flexible and low-cost solution for large area CATV coverage (medium-sized urban areas). EDFA-4400A optical amplifier is using a top-class pump laser. With perfect APC, ACC and ATC controls, reliable heat control, ventilation and efficient heat-dissipation design, the EDFA unit has all systems in place for an extended MTBF of the laser pump. The CATV amplifier model has an extremely low noise figure by using a two-stage optical amplification: the pre-amplifier has a low noise EDFA followed by a high power EYDFA. For example, if input optical power Pin=0dBm, the noise figure of unit is usually ≤4.5dB and not exceeding max value of ≤5.5dB.

The LCD front panel provides a quick review of all equipment settings and monitors any potential alarms. Laser of the EDFA will switch off automatically if input optical power is missing, offering protection of the laser pump and overall extended life of the equipment. Management is available through local RS-232 console and RJ-45 Ethernet based SNMP.

The EDFA-4400A has an optional two-way optical input (with a built-in 2x1 optical switch), for redundant network operation. Considering all reliability and MTBF figures, the EDFA-4400A series are an excellent choice for CATV operators. Maximum output power of the EDFA-4400A series is 5000mW (37dBm) and the total number of ports that can be offered into the 1RU profile of the unit is 32.The EDFA-4429A model has a maximum optical power of 29dBm (800mW).

• Analog CATV
• Digital CATV
• Direct Broadcast Satellite & MMDS

Product Features
• 19’’ 1RU rack, model 4429A-1x008 has 8 outputs and total power 29dBm (800mW)
• Built-in low noise pre-amplifier, extremely low CNR and MER
• Low noise figure ( Typ ≤4.5dB, Max ≤5.5dB )
• Reliable console (RS-232) and network 10/100Base-Tx (RJ-45)SNMP management
• Telecom grade safety, reliability and network management.
• Optional dual optical input, built-in 2 × 1 optical switch
• Optional redundant power supply, 1+1 backup
• Excellent cost/performance ratio
• optional 23" for EIA or ETSI rack environment

Important: The EDFA-4429A-1x008 CATV amplifier on this page include 8 output fiber ports of equal optical power level, monitoring ports for both IN and OUT fiber ports, redundant DC48V power supplies and SC/APC optical connectors. Options such as power supply configuration, monitoring ports and style of optical connectors can be custom ordered. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone to discuss such options.

Additional information on EDFA-4429A-1x008-SCA-DD-MO CATV 1550nm Amplifier: PDF Datasheet; PDF Installation Manual.

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Warranty Information

2 years
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Additional Information

Fiber Type:
local console
Power Type:
DC 36-72V embedded PSU
Power Type:
RJ45 (Ethernet)
Cable Type:
Cable Type:
9/125um single-mode
19" rack mountable
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