OLPS-35 - Optical Line Protection System 1:1 card for OLPS-4RM 8 slot chassis

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Note: Up to 8 OLPS-35 cards can be installed in a single OLPS-4RM 19" 4RU chassis.

Product description

The OLPS-35 is a high performance Optical Line Protection System for critical fiber optic transmission circuits. The OLPS works as a 1:1 duplex path protection system. OLPS-35 is only a card and must be inserted in the 8 slot OLPS-4RM chassis to be utilized effectively. The 1:1 protection system has the advantage of a very low insertion loss compared with 1+1 protection systems. The OLPS-35 offers only 1.2dB of insertion loss, making it a favored protection choice for tight optical budget applications.

The OLPS is an automatic system that switches fiber communication from a main fiber line to an alternate backup fiber when the main line communication is disabled. This is done by constantly monitoring the optical level of the main line. When signal level gets under a set threshold, communication is diverted on the secondary path in less than 35 miliseconds. Unit has management available via console and SNMP. Management allows set-up of threshold optical level for switching and behavior for recovery: automatic reverting to main when signal is restored, manual revert or no switch. The new OLPS-35 card together with the OLPS-4RM chassis offers 19" rack mounting brackets with high density, suitable for high density data center applications.

Both OLPS chassis (1RU and 4RU) have redundant power supply system with "hot swap" feature, to provide continuous operation. They can accomodate both AC (110V) and DC (48V) power supply units, either in mixed or same type of power input.

Technical specifications OLPS-35 card and OLPS-4RM chassis

Chassis: 4RU height, 19"  wide mounting system
Optical Protection System: 1:1
Operating wavelengths: 1310nm (+/-50nm) and 1550nm (+/-50nm)
Monitored power range: -50~+23dBm
Accuracy level: +/-0.25dB
Insertion Loss: Tx<1.2dB, Rx<1.2dB
Switching time: <35ms
PDL: <0.05dB
WDL: <0.1dB
Dimensions(WxDxH): 440mm x 140mm x 356mm (4RU chassis)
Temperature: -10~60°C (Operating); -20~75°C (Storage)
Power: 90-260V AC or -36 to -72V DC hot swappable power supply units, 2 slots available on chassis
MTBF: 60,000 hours

Additional information on OLPS-4RM chassis and OLPS-35 card units: PDF datasheet


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Warranty Information

2 years
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Additional Information

local console
Power Type:
no AC adapter included
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Cable Type:
9/125um single-mode
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