Important message regarding business activity impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times in modern history caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the world. These challenging times are threatening the world we know and we are doing our utmost to offer our help in navigating these uncharted waters.

We took a number of measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, while aiming to keep our ability to serve our customers uninterrupted. Most of our customers are serving critical telecommunications and data infrastructure and their demands must be fulfilled so that Internet/Data services continue to run properly. Our changes, applying for as long as the pandemic threat exists, are as follows:

  • All employees are working from home, on all departments: best contact is by e-mail, toll free numbers are still working and being automatically redirected to mobile phone numbers of certain employees
  • To minimize exposure and spread, only ONE employee will be working at the warehouse, able to ship packages for customers demand
  • No pick-ups are allowed for the duration of the pandemic crisis, all shipments will be served by UPS and USPS services (daily pickups going as usual) or FedEx by appointment only (means FedEx services will have an extra day of transit)
  • We will give priority to OVERNIGHT and TWO DAY shipments, while 3 Day, Ground and USPS Priority Mail and First Class shipments might be sent out the following business day if the warehouse gets too much load.
  • Orders placed BEFORE 2:30pm PST will leave SAME DAY. This is a reduction in our window for shipping, due to UPS/USPS adjusting their pick-up times.
  • We will clean floor surfaces daily and working benches for packaging, as an added measure of caution.

We believe that humankind has the strength to unite and fight back this pandemic threat. We thank to our customers for continuing to trust us with their needs and we wish everyone stay safe and healthy, while hoping for a quick return to normal times.Thank you!

Mar 22nd 2020 Radu Matei

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