DWDM passive mux/demux filter 8 duplex channels over fiber, 100GHz spacing, fully customizable, rack 19"

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Custom made product. Please allow up to 10 days for the product to be ready.
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Product description
The core of a DWDM application is the passive MUX/DEMUX unit. DWDM stands for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing and allows for very high concentration of channels on a single fiber circuit. Using a 100GHz spacing grid for channels results in 44 separate channels available in the 1550nm window. We do provide custom made DWDM mux/demuxes, in either fixed 1RU rack 19" format (as shown in above picture) or modules for RB-1000-CH series slot chassis. For card format only 8 channels or less models are available, due to the real estate limitation on the front of cards. 

The DWDM mux/demux series are offered in the 8 channel package but we can customize and provide any number of channels needed by a specific application: 2, 4, 16, 32, 40 or even odd number channels. For any configuration of the DWDM mux/demux please contact us and we will provide the requested configuration in 7 business days from order. We usually offer the 100GHz ITU spacing grid for DWDM channels, but we can also provide on request 50GHz or 200Ghz spacing.

The 8 channels configuration DWDM mux/demux can be selected from below. Any of the 44 channels can be checked. If not all 8 channels have been selected, the system will not signal an error. You can always return to the product and add more channels up to the desired configuration. The DWDM mux/demux has also options for uplink ports and/or 1310nm pass through.
Also monitor port can be added for the main fiber port with 1% or 3% split.

To assure communications over the DWDM wavelengths special DWDM SFP modules must be used.

For mux/demux customizations, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can simply pick up the 100GHz grid ITU channels (8 total) for a completely customized DWDM filter as below.
A customized filter will be manufactured upon your order. Please note that custom made filters CANNOT be returned.

Additional information on DWDM mux/demux: RB-DWDM filters specifications table

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Warranty Information

3 years
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Additional Information

Interface Type:
Fast Ethernet
Interface Type:
Gigabit Ethernet
Interface Type:
Fiber Type:
Cable Type:
Cable Type:
9/125um single-mode
19" rack mountable
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