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Our mission and business commitment has the mission to provide best fiber optic transport, interfaces and data conversion solutions at cost-effective rates for more reliable and efficient data networks. Founded in 2007, it has dedicated exclusively to provide better data networking solutions for companies of any size, from start-up to big telecom. Value is created by mixing the technical expertise into offering the best tailored solution for the existing budget.

We are a distribution warehouse for fiber optic equipment and solutions to interconnect and adapt data communications equipment. Our commitment is to provide affordable solutions on the spot. Any inquiry is answered in 1 business day.

We continuously strive to bring the best-suited solutions at the right price, caring about performance, but keeping a conscious look over costs. The products provided are carefully tested and evaluated so that solutions and products proposed are always reliable and efficient.

In its endeavor of promoting best data conversion solutions and equipment, the company welcomes also business customers that provide integration of data networks, acting as system integrators, value added resellers (VAR's) or distributors. These special customers do benefit from special business programs, terms and conditions under the Reseller Program.

Payment policies and terms

We do process credit card payments on-line and off-line.

Our main on-line payment processor partner is QuickBooks. Through QuickBooks payment gateway, a customer can complete online payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. QuickBooks is one of the leading companies in e-commerce payment solutions.

Solution Graphics Our alternate on-line payment processor partner is PayPal. Using PayPal Express Checkout, a customer can complete online payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Also money orders and electronic checks can be processed online using PayPal. No PayPal account is needed and neither must be created to complete a payment through PayPal using one of the above mentioned payment methods.

For more conservative customers, we do offer the choice of off-line payment. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards only are accepted for this payment type. Telephone or fax orders can be completed using the off-line payment method. For telephone orders please call our main telephone contact line (888) 959-3282 from Monday to Friday between 9AM-5PM Pacific Time. Fax payment details can be sent to our fax number (503)-764-1462.

Bank wire transfers are accepted for orders over $500. When such payment method is selected, customer will receive by e-mail an invoice and the bank account details for wire transfer. Payment is expected in 5 business days from order placement. Goods will be shipped after confirmation of wire transfer from our bank.

Purchase orders are accepted if customers wish to pay by check or they already have an Open Account with us. If check payment is desired, shipment will leave ONLY after check is received by mail. There is a 7 calendar days waiting period from order date for check payment in the mail. If check is not received, order will be canceled. For Open Accounts, according to the credit limit set on account, delivery may require additional payments before release. In this case, we will contact the customer by e-mail or telephone and send a current financial statement.

For Reseller Partners special payment terms may apply. Net 15 days or Net 30 days may be granted according to business history and application filed. The customer must be qualified and enrolled in the Authorized Reseller Partner Program. Reseller Partners have also a wider choice of payments accepted.

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