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SONET OC48 SFP transceiver modules, 1310nm and 1550nm, single-mode, up to 120Km, 2.67Gbps

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Price: Starting at $164.00
Manufacturer: CTCUnion
Manufacturer Part No: SFS-9000

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OC48 rate SFP optical modules are equipped with the industry standard LC optical connector. The maximum data rate of SFS-9000 OC48 series modules is 2.67Gbps. The transceivers are the only ones with multi-rate optical interface 155Mbps to 2.67Gbps and are able to operate on 9/125um single-mode fiber for distances up to 120Km. The L31 ending models use 1310nm wavelength, while the Z55 ending models use the 1550nm wavelength. All OC48 SONET SFPs support DD (Digital Diagnostic) functions.

OC48 SFP's are extremely versatile, working with most SONET active equipment that support the SFP type of interface. All OC48 SFP modules are using DFB (Distributed FeedBack lasers).

SONET OC48 1310nm SFP power budget table
Model Distance Lambda Power Budget (dB)
SFS-9002-L31 2Km 1310nm 11
SFS-9020-L31 20Km 1310nm 15
SFS-9040-L31 40Km 1310nm 26

SONET OC48 1550nm SFP power budget table
Model Distance Lambda Power Budget (dB)
SFS-9020-Z55 20Km 1550nm 15
SFS-9040-Z55 40Km 1550nm 20
SFS-9080-Z55 80Km 1550nm 26
SFS-9120-Z55 120Km 1550nm 28

Important: The SONET OC48 SFP transceiver modules are products used by highly professional customers such as Service Providers, Telcos, ILECs, CLECs or MSOs. Pricing for such customers is special and can be discussed on a case by case approach. Special CWDM versions of OC48 SFP modules are available as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries about all our SONET OC48 SFP modules.

Additional information on available optical modules: PDF datasheet.

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