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IP Surveillance

The IP Surveillance concept is changing the world of security and surveillance networks. The ability to use the IP network infrastructure to create limitless distance coverage for video/audio surveillance is redefining how security and surveillance systems and networks are designed
and implemented. Realizing the impact of IP migration for security systems, CTCUnion's R&D team has committed to deliver a new generation series of professional IP based surveillance products and solutions. After 18 months of development, a full line of professional IP video servers, IP video cameras, H.264 based hardware encoder/decoder systems as well as a complete software application collection for video monitoring and storage is ready for market delivery. A complete solution of LPR (License Plate Recognition) has also been finalized and is now commercially available. Please explore each subcategory of products for a better understanding of our IP-based Surveillance Products.
Our IP video servers cover best video compression protocols like H.264, MPEG4 and M-JPEG. For the H.264 protocol, we offer a full hardware encoder/decoder high performance IP server bundle that is able to provide D1 resolution (full PAL/NTSC TV signal).
IP cameras bring an immense flexibility to security networks. They still carry same powerful features as professional CCTV cameras, but benefit of the IP network backbone. Indoor and outdoor models with PTZ, MJPEG and MPEG4 compression are available.
Software for IP Surveillance includes a professional NVR (Network Video Recorder) application that can monitor and storage video stream from up to 64 video sources and the SVP Express that can monitor/manage up to 16 IP video cameras on a single computer.