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Up to 63 T1/E1 capacity

The SDH01A is our first STM-1 SDH fiber multiplexer. The unit is able to offer a true cross-connect platform between all 63E1 channels of an STM-1 connection. Two main chassis are available:
- the SDH01A ADM - with two fiber ports for ring insertion (East and West) and
- the SDH01A TM - single fiber port useful in Terminal nodes or for Point-to-Point* fiber connections only.

* - particularly for the Point-to-Point applications a special 8T1 or 8E1 module is available for 32 T1 (E1) capacity over a single pair of fibers. If ADM model is used units can be installed in a chain configuration for a total transport capacity of 63 T1 (or E1)interfaces between two locations. Ring configurations can be built with several Add/Drop nodes and fiber redundancy protection.
As configurations in such fiber multiplexers are usually complex, we strongly suggest to contact us by e-mail or telephone to get the most appropriate configuration/solution for your needs.