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Reseller Program

The Reseller Program offers a special business package for those organizations qualifying as Distributors or System Integrators/Installers for products offered by The Reseller Program brings significant price discounts according to the volume of yearly business with It also provides detailed technical support and answers to it's channel members, to assure a smooth integration and installation of a technical solution or project based on its products. provides also free technical expertise to its qualified members.To qualify as a partner in the Reseller Program, the applying organization should match one of the following criterias:

Silver Partner
- annual purchases exceed $3,000
Gold Partner - annual purchases exceed $15,000
Platinum Partner
- annual purchases exceed $50,000

If you think you are in one of the above situations and you qualify for our Reseller Program, please submit to us the following PDF application form by e-mail to You can download the application form here.